Think again about Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Patrick Devaney


A user on Reddit has discovered a startling finding about Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode on android. It turns out that, for whatever reason you want to browse incognito, Android might still keep tabs on your activity.

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In a Reddit post, u/Mas_Zeta highlights that Android’s Notification Log tracks a lot of things that you do on your mobile. These can include events like watching a video and in most cases this is perfectly understandable and to be expected. Unfortunately, however, the Notification Log keeps track of these events even when you’re in Incognito Mode. U/Mas_Zeta said:

Think again about Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode

“I often use the notification log if I accidentally dismiss a notification. If you play videos on Chrome, a notification appears with the video title and basic controls. This shouldn’t be a problem in normal mode but if you’re using incognito mode then the video title gets listed on that registry and you probably don’t want it to do so.”

This means that the titles of any videos watched in Incognito Mode will be stored in the Android Notification Log. There doesn’t seem to be any way to delete this log either but it seems like the log is only kept from the last time the phone was booted.

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What would somebody find if they went searching through your Android Notification Log?

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Via: Reddit and UberGizmo

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