The best templates for Google Sheets

Nacho Requena Molina


It’s very likely that you use the online office services that Google offers. Yup, we’re talking about the Word and Excel files that are available without even starting up Microsoft software, since they’re in the cloud thanks to Google.

If you’re an avid user of these tools, pay attention: here you’ve got the…

10 best templates for Google Sheets

From Google Drive, you can access your files on the cloud and create all kinds of new files: spreadsheets, documents, presentations and much more.

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To make everything a little more organized, we’ve created five categories with two templates each. The first one has to do with “Chores,” something key to our daily lives.

Chore list: This is the most basic of all, but perhaps it’s increasingly necessary? With this template, we have a column for if the action has been completed, the second with the task to do and the third with additional info (for example, the date). Easy-peasy.

Weekly chores: If the previous template was simple, this one definitely isn’t. With this spreadsheet, we can write weekly tasks in a detailed fashion. It’s the template’s greatest virtue and greatest vice that you have to keep updating it every time you get to Sunday. Mind you; it’s great for the family.


For trips: This is a spreadsheet designed for trips, i.e., to record expenses. It may be a little rough at first, but it serves its function well. For us, it’s a keeper.

For day-to-day life: This spreadsheet is key to having a well-organized household. Likewise, it’s also designed for those who are independent right now. Great for tracking income and expenses.

Exercise and sports

For exercise routines: If you love exercising and would like to track your habits accurately, this spreadsheet is for you. It’s basic from start to finish, but it will keep you well organized. It’s worth it, we promise.

For teams: We’re crazy about this template. Google has enabled this sheet by default, which keeps your team organized, no matter what sport you play. Soccer, basketball, tennis, sports clubs… It all fits into this simple, but effective, sheet.


Basic: This is Google’s default template… and it offers exactly what we need. With this sheet, we have access to a yearly calendar. However, in the lower section, you can see months as well, so you can fill in the blanks in the same traditional style as a paper planner.

Complex: We call this one “complex,” but it’s not really. With this calendar, you have all the previous features, but with some of the most important events of the year added. Obviously, you can change them to put in your region’s holidays.


Resume: We’ll wrap up with two “random” templates, i.e., those that don’t fit into a category. The first has to do with resumes. You can quickly and directly add your employment and educational history to this lovely template. Designed for those who need to share their resume online.

Health and weight: We’ll end the list with a template that works reasonably well if you want to track weight loss, sleeping hours, vitamins, etc. Give it a shot if you need to monitor your health.

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