Is a Google launcher coming to Android KitKat?

Jonathan Riggall


Rumors are circulating that Android 4.4, ‘KitKat’ will feature a new launcher called ‘Google Experience.’ It’s not confirmed, but if true could be one of the most important changes in the upcoming Android update.

One of the challenges Google has faced with Android is fragmentation, partly caused by the customizations added to it by carriers and manufacturers. A Google launcher could help to unify the Android experience, though it could upset those carriers and manufacturers.

Is a Google launcher coming to Android KitKat?

Google Experience could be a launcher designed to return Android to it’s natural ‘Google’ state, without added widgets or other launchers. Instead of preventing third party customization, as Apple do with iOS, Google may be giving users the option to remove it.

Google announced 4.4 saying, ‘it’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.’ Could this allude to the Google Experience launcher that would give everyone the ability to have the same Android experience?

Android Police, who found evidence of the Google Experience launcher have created mock ups of what the launcher may look like, based on leaked specifications.

[Source and images: Android Police]

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