You have until the end of the month to redeem Google’s Valentine’s Day giveaway

Patrick Devaney


Love is a tricky business. So much so, that is easy to feel left behind at a time of the year that has been hallmarked for love and romance. If you’re not in a relationship, hearing your friends talking about candlelit dinners or surprise flowers at the office on Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling sad and alone. Even if you’re normally fine with being single, February can be a hard month. Trust me, I know.

Google Valentine's gift
Google is giving you until the end of the month to take your Valentine’s day “gift”

If you didn’t receive anything special on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Google has a gift for you, and you have until the end of the month to redeem it. For Valentine’s Day, Google is giving everybody $1 to spend on the Google Play Store. The only catch is that you can only redeem the code on apps or games that cost more than $3. To redeem your free dollar, all you have to do is type in VALENTINE2019 when you’re purchasing your app.

OK, so it isn’t quite a giveaway but if there are paid apps or games out there that you’ve been thinking about downloading for a while, this could be your chance to get your hands on one of them at least. Let’s have a quick look at three of the best apps on the Google Play Store that cost more than $3.

Infinite Painter Download now ►
If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to Adobe Photoshop to use on your Android phone or tablet, look no further than Infinite Painter. Our users love it. Comes with excellent brushes, tools, an easy to use interface and multi-layer support. Download now for a free 7-day trial and then pay only $7.99 to unlock the premium features.
Djay 2 is a full version dj platform that is powerful enough to see you playing full gigs and parties from your mobile phone. Djay 2 integrates with Spotify and allows you to perform live or to record your mixes to post on your webpage and share across social media. If you want to be a DJ, you need djay 2.
Monument Valley 2 Play Now ►
Monument Valley 2 is one of those rare mobile titles which manages to create an emotional experience within the restricted medium. The puzzles are clever but never frustrating, the world engaging but simple and the characters open to interpretation. While the game is more expensive than similar titles, it is worth the money.

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