Google to begin using your photo for advertisements

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Google has updated its terms of service to enable advertisers to use your likeness to advertise products. Advertisers will be able to include your Google+ photo, user name, and comments you’ve made about the product as endorsements on Google’s sites and services. The changes will go into effect November 11th.

It’s easy to see why companies like Facebook and Google would like to use user generated content for advertising; it’s personal and carries more weight with your friends than an endorsement from a stranger. If you like targeted advertisements, it doesn’t get more targeted than showing your friend’s review of a restaurant in Google Maps.

Google to begin using your photo for advertisements

Google Shared Endorsements

Google knows that some users won’t want to be included in this type of advertisements so they’ve made a page for users to opt-out. Simply uncheck the box at the bottom of the Shared Endorsements settings page in Google+ to prevent your likeness from being used in advertising. Users under the age of 18 will automatically be opted-out, though they will still be able to see shared endorsements from other users.

Another point of contention is the lack of revenue sharing if you do choose to participate in shared endorsements. Only Google and the advertiser will make money; there’s no way for you to get any money from your endorsements.

Hit up the source link below to opt-out of Google’s shared endorsements.


Source: Google+ | Via: ReadWrite

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