Five alternatives to Google Wave

Elena Santos


Google announced that they won’t continue developing Wave, but I can’t say I’ll miss it. I must admit that at the time that Wave was launched, I got caught in the hype around the new Google service and was desperately asking for an invite. Once inside, the question was “OK, so now what?”. And just a couple of weeks after the launch, I had forgotten about Wave.

Now that Wave has been discontinued, maybe it’s time to look for an alternative – an online communication tool to speed up and improve the workflow in collaborative projects. That is, if you really used Wave at all and need a replacement for it. Here are five Wave alternatives:

Five alternatives to Google Wave Shareflow – a group communication tool that eases sharing of documents, media files, ideas and more with a specific bunch of people. It features real-time chat, supports posts and replies via email and works from your mobile phone without having to install an app. You get 1 GB of free storage space, with Premium plans starting at $20/month for 5 GB.

Five alternatives to Google Wave Slatebox – More than a tool to exchange messages, Slatebox helps you create online mind maps and diagrams, and share them with collaborators, coworkers or students in no time. It works with all main browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox) and lets you embed maps anywhere – no Flash or other plug-ins requested.

Five alternatives to Google Wave Dabbleboard – A collaboration tool that’s centered around an online whiteboard. You can create mind maps, write text, insert arrows and predefined shapes, and even draw freehand. Dabbleboard offers a free, feature-limited version and also paid plans with more advanced functionality, starting at $8/month.

Five alternatives to Google Wave Microsoft Sharepoint – Microsoft’s contribution to online collaborative apps is Sharepoint, a tool intended to make group work easier. It helps you set up a website to share information with collaborators, generate reports to keep everyone up to date and work together on documents from start to finish.

Five alternatives to Google Wave Scribblar – A powerful tool for online communication with a bunch of interesting features: multi-user real-time whiteboard, live audio, embedded text chat, support to share images, and more. Scribblar is free, with a Pro version (including white label integration with your brand and logo) for $99/month.

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