8 best Google Chrome extensions

Troy Zaher


One of the greatest benefits of Google Chrome is its extensive supply of browser extensions. It’s effectively capable of doing anything other browsers can do, and more, just through its addons. Despite this, many people use Chrome without taking advantage of its customizability. Below we’ve listed some of the best extensions that everyone can benefit from:

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8 best Google Chrome extensions

Adblock Plus

The first extension most people install is some kind of ad-blocker, and none are better for Chrome then Adblock Plus. It’s free and customizable, so you can make sure to keep it off for sites that you need to see the pop-ups for.

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If you’ve ever been on YouTube then you’ve probably seen sponsored ads for this extension. It’s essentially free money. Honey searches online for coupon codes whenever you’re online shopping, so that you don’t have to. It’s completely free, and it works in the background, so you can install it and just let it go as you shop, and it’ll save you money.

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Grammarly is the grammar-check extension that everybody needs. Not only can it help you have clean and consistent grammar, but it also checks for plagiarism, so you can make sure your ideas are unique and your own. It’s not foolproof, but it can save you from creating a resume or cover letter with a glaring error.

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The Great Suspender

If you’re someone who has a lot of tabs open at once, then this is the perfect extension for you. One of the big problems people face when having multiple tabs open is how much data Chrome ends up using to manage all of these. The Great Suspender can temporarily suspend tabs that you’re not using, so that they don’t take up space, but are still there for you to go back to. This can be especially effective for tabs that run videos that you may not be wanting to run in the background.

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Full Page Screen Capture

This is a bit more specific than the other extensions, but it’s incredibly useful for anyone who needs to take a screenshot of a website that is too large to take naturally. It is similar to being able to take a panoramic photo, except for websites instead of in-person.

Evernote Web Clipper

Similar to Full Page Screen Capture, this extension lets you save any specific piece of a website so that you can go back and search for it whenever you want. It’s like bookmarking a specific screenshot, rather than an actual site itself. It’s an easy way to manage your bookmarks and notes if you are searching through many sites at the same time. 

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Some sites require intricate passwords that are hard to remember. LastPass allows you to manage which passwords are saved to your Google Chrome account, so you can safely save passwords for the sites you want to, and while keeping some diversity to your passwords as a whole.


Just Not Sorry

This is an extension that will probably help you more at work then it will at home. It is similar to a grammar-check extension, except it checks for basic and insincere sounding words like “sorry” or “just”. It’s perfect for fixing emails to sound more professional, in case you have a habit of using commonly repeated words like these.

Of course, there are many other great extensions available for Chrome, as it is one of the most accessible browsers for addons. However, these are some of the most universally useful ones that everyone should have.

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